The Council Mission
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The Council consists of 10 Retail Executive Board members and 3 Non-Retail members.    
​All of them are highly respected experts in the grocery industry.

  • The council meets twice a year to review new and innovative products, packaging, and marketing ideas that may have a significant impact on the grocery industry.

    They Analyze - Evaluate - Determine if this new idea will make a significant difference and be of benefit to the consumer.
  • In addition, The council members review and discuss new technology and Government regulatory issues that may impact the grocery industry. 
  • The Council was established in 2001 by 5 Retail Grocery Chain Executives and Tetra Pak. The first product that was born from the council’s work was aseptically packaged broth. Since then, the retail council has grown into a group of 10 key retail executives and has expanded their work beyond evaluating just aseptic products and packaging.

Evaluate, and determine what new Concept, Package, or Product would be of added benefit to the consumer. Positively impact the grocery industry, and change a category by being developed and launched
Upcoming Council Events
Gil Phipps
Vice President
Kroger Company​​
Executive Board Members
Director: Jim Salak
Juan DePaoli
Senior V.P.
Ahold USA​​
   Elizabeth Strydom    VP Product Development
Albertsons Co. ​​
Paul Tiberio
Group V.P.
Trent Brookshire
Executive V.P.
Mike DeCory
Senior V.P.​
Sean Thompson
Vice President ​
7-11 Corporation​​
Technical Board Members
Tetra Pak Inc.
  Senior Sponsor  
Packaging Expert​
ADM / Wild Flavors
/ Formulation Expert​​
Previous Council Events
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